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Aeration is a process of ensuring the soil has enough oxygen. Using an aerator, we’ll poke small holes in the ground throughout your yard. The benefits of this process are healthier tree and plant roots and better water and fertilizer penetration.

When it comes to maintaining your lawn, sometimes the most basic tasks are the most important. Our licensed and insured team will protect your landscape from the ground up, by giving you soil in which your plants and trees can flourish. You can trust our services, because your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What’s the key to a happy, healthy lawn? The soil! Ensuring the health of your outdoor space means taking care of the earth, and aeration services from Nature Redesigned Landscaping will help you maintain your lush, beautiful outdoor space.

Protect your soil and keep your lawn healthy

Your plants and trees will love it!

Aeration will help your plants thrive

Soil compaction is an invisible threat to your outdoor space, enabling insect and pest infestations, as well as plant diseases. With Nature Redesigned Landscaping, you’ll have a partner who understands how to keep your lawn lush and beautiful.

Keep away pests and disease

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